We draw our membership from a wide mix of people with a vast amount of personal and professional experience.
Many group members are disabled themselves, whereas some members are relatives / carers of somebody with a disability. Members also include representatives of various other community groups, giving GAGDF connections and affiliations with others across the whole region.
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GAGDF welcomes the chance to offer comments and advice on any proposed development scheme from the perspective of disabled user’s and the general public.
We routinely talk with the Borough Council’s Building Control department on planning matters, with the County Council’s Highways & Transport department (e.g. on traffic regulation orders), as well as with the local bus operator and other local service providers in the public and voluntary sectors.
We have also advised on accessibility improvements at a number of local visitor attractions. We help to embed good access practice in the planning and implementation of the annual Gosport Heritage Open Days.
We are not an ‘access consultancy’, nor are we a statutory advisor, but we can offer honest opinions based on our combined experience and abilities.

Our Forum meets every other month on a Monday afternoon in Gosport Discovery Centre.
All are welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat.
Invited speakers talk to us on a wide range of relevant subjects.

GAGDF are pleased to be associated with:

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